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Join in and actively support what can only be accomplished through collective action

Dues are $600/year (payable in $300 installments each January 1 and July 1)



- vital legislative initiatives
- representation of a union attorney for you before the Commission when a complaint is filed
- a $4,000 accidental death & dismemberment policy
- a public relations team in place
- centrally located meeting space for State Marshals in New Britain.






Membership Benefits


Fellow Marshals,
Joining the SMAOCT is a powerful vehicle for collective action as State Marshals. We are affliated and empowered by AFSCME Council 4, whose services are critical and necessary. While there are an array of services which benefit us, the two most important are a lobbyist at the legislature and attorney to represent you if a complaint is filed against you with the State Marshal Commission.
A lobbyist is necessary and vital for maintaining our jobs and making necessary changes to the statutes that regulate our operation as State Marshals. Every year legislation is introduced which stands to affect our jobs. Our lobbyist is tracking and watching many bills that could affect us. Each legislative session we are working diligently to improve the system, and protect our status. 

Anthony Bento, our attorney, has done an outstanding job for us. He represents our marshal members at their probable cause hearings. We all know that with the nature of our job that there can be many allegations made against us. His representation at the table on your behalf will ensure the best outcome possible. If you need Anthony at a probable cause hearing, please give him as much notice as possible so he can prepare. You can email your complaint to him at or fax it to 860.224.3041.
We marshals NEED a vehicle for these services and our affiliation with Council 4 has benefited all marshals though legislation that has been passed. Council 4 also represents corrections and police officers, so they are familiar with the issues we deal with.

And most importantly, there IS strength in numbers.











AFSCME Membership = Best Services, Best Resources

It pays to belong to Council 4 AFSCME! These are among the services we provide free of charge to help you represent your members and build a strong union for the State Marshals Association:


  • Lobbying members of the General Assembly.
    Council 4 has Political and Legislative Staff responsible for representing State Marshal's interests at the state legislature.


  • Legal assistance to protect your work and your license.
    Council 4 has a five-person legal team of attorneys that is expert in the field of labor law and can provide representation before the State Marshal Commission


  • Help with public relations.
    Council 4 also has full-time Communications Staff to assist with public relations and member communications, including press outreach.


  • Training and educating our members.
    Council 4 provides training on a wide variety of topics. Meeting space for member meetings is conveniently and centrally located at Council 4 in New Britain.

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